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Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China

Brand: Carpenter’s Heart

Model: Customized

Minimum order: 1 piece

Price: Negotiable

Packing Details: Steel Structure

Case Delivery time: According to the custom size to determine the duration of payment terms

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Features: Stainless Steel Sculpture & Outdoor Metal Sculpture
Size :60000
Material: Stainless Steel Thickness :5.0
Style: Modern Surface: Fluorocarbon paint white Emphasizing:
As the core content that can affect the whole art landscape design, metal sculpture has become the design theme of many art landscapes and the iconic building of the region.In modern landscape design, metal sculpture has become the key content of design. Metal sculpture, as a landmark building to highlight the atmosphere of garden art and to contrast the overall atmosphere of garden, has been paid more and more attention by designers.
Metal sculpture is made of various metal materials, its technology is various, commonly used metal
casting technology, metal sculpture forging
Process, etc. Stainless steel is another kind of metal material commonly used in sculpture. The advantage of stainless steel is that it is absolutely durable (high nickel content), no matter what environment, it will not have any corrosion and change. At the same time, stainless steel is also very strong, so it is difficult to make, but it is very good welding, and its gloss is very good.

Stainless steel has two disadvantages: First, it has a high melting point, so it needsInduction furnaceSecond, it always looks like an effect. Compared with the mildness of bronze, stainless steel is objectively cold and gives a sense of the industrial age.
The forging process is simple and the forming method is easy. The forging process of its round carving and relief is as follows: First of all, do a good job of clay sculpture, on the finished products of clay mold, the mold requires a certain thickness of the mold making process materials, and then in the periphery with wood Fang to form a unified contact surface, remove the mud in the mold, Then use filler to repair the mold. Copper sheet andStainless steel sheetThere should be steel support inside. A plate of 0.4 thickness mm-2mm, copper plate after heating has a good ductility, and stainless steel plate is directly used for

cold forging. Because forging is mainly made by pure hand, the producer can make full use of the extensibility of metal material in the process of forging hammer. Flexible use of artistic creation ability (stainless steel after forging polishing will appear matte and bright two properties, according to the environment in which the work is adjusted), so that its plate has unique texture effect. The technique of forging technology represents a complementary artistic style formed by the artistic achievements of manual labor and the aesthetic feeling of mechanization in the former industrial age in the modern industrial society.

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