Cartoon sculpture (character sculpture, cartoon sculpture)

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Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China

Brand: Carpenter’s Heart

Model: Customized

Minimum order: 1 piece

Price: Negotiable

Packing Details: Wooden Case

Delivery time: According to the custom size to determine the duration of payment terms

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Production method
Basically, it can be divided into two categories: wet contact type and dry pressure forming. For example, according to the process characteristics, there are hand paste forming, lamination forming, RTM method, extrusion method, molding, winding forming, etc. Hand paste molding includes hand paste method, bag pressing method, spraying method, wet paste low pressure method and non die hand paste method.
The following four molding methods are used most in the world. ① Hand paste method: mainly used in Norway, Japan, Britain, Denmark, etc.
② Jet method: mainly used in Sweden, the United States, Norway, etc.
③ Molding method: mainly used in Germany and other countries.
④ RTM method (resin transfer molding): mainly used in European and American countries and Japan.
There are also: filament winding forming, Farah extrusion forming, hot pressing pouring forming and so on
More than 90% of FRP products in China are produced by hand paste method, and others include molding method, winding method, lamination method, etc. Japan's hand paste method still accounts for 50%. From all over the world, hand paste method still accounts for a considerable proportion, indicating that it still has vitality. The hand paste method is characterized by wet resin molding, simple equipment, low cost, and can paste the whole product more than 10m at a time. The disadvantages are low mechanization, long production cycle and unstable quality. China has introduced extrusion, spraying, winding and other process equipment from abroad. With the development of FRP industry, new process methods will continue to appear.

Place of Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China
Brand: Ingenious Yuanhang
Model: Cartoon sculpture customization
Minimum order quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packing details: wooden box
Delivery time: Determine the construction period according to the customized size
payment terms:

Detailed product description:

Feature: Cartoon sculpture
Size: 1300
Material: Fiberglass
Thickness: 4.0
Style: Modern
Surface: car paint
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