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Company product customization process

We have our own factory and production team, which can meet your requirements for different materials involved in different orders, and complete your orders in a reasonable time.

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Handmade samples such as


According to your confirmation of the shape of the lofting production


The finished product will take photos or invite you to the site inspection

Company profile

Xiamen Ingenuity Yuanhang Sculpture Engineering Co., Ltd. is an innovative company integrating space art, landscape sculpture supporting engineering construction and production, including sculpture art design, production and installation. With excellent design and production team, has many elite sculpture, design talent and professional construction team, the company's main personnel are graduated from well-known art schools, the company has always been "quality first, excellence" as the core value, through our professional level and unremitting efforts to establish the image of the company. The company is committed to meet the needs of customers at different levels, so that customers can get the most innovative, the most unique, the most creative design and quality services at the most affordable prices.

We are in line with the pursuit of artistic beauty and high-quality after-sales service look forward to working with your sincere cooperation! Welcome to inquire.

Company is mainly involved in stainless steel sculpture, glass sculpture, cast copper sculpture, foam sculpture, sandstone sculpture, cement sculpture, IP image production company culture, landscape sculpture, fountain water, rockery fake trees, character sculpture, animal sculpture, cartoon sculpture, glass fiber reinforced plastic flower POTS, commercial props design and production, window display props production, glass fiber reinforced plastic fashion household, campus sculpture, Hotel club decoration, art ornaments, soft decorations, GRC architectural decoration, garden statues, magnesium oxide oven, etc

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