Metal sculpture is made of a variety of metal materials

Metal sculpture is made of a variety of metal materials, and its process is various. The commonly used metal casting process and metal sculpture forging process are included. Stainless steel is another metal material commonly used in sculpture, which is currently the most widely used. The advantage of stainless steel is absolutely durable (high nickel content), no matter in what kind of environment, it will not occur any corrosion and change. At the same time, stainless steel is also very strong, so it is a little difficult to make, but it welds well, and it has a good gloss.

As the core content that can influence the whole art landscape design, metal sculpture has become the design theme of many art landscapes and the landmark building of the region. In modern garden landscape design, metal sculpture has become the key content of design. As a landmark building that highlights the atmosphere of garden art and foil the overall atmosphere of garden, metal sculpture has been paid more and more attention by designers.

Modern metal sculpture has a new meaning because of its combination with the environment. The interconnection between art and public environment is called environmental art design. The combination of modern metal sculpture and public environment is different from the traditional museum where all works are placed in one place. It is a living space itself, an organic space. It participates in the construction of harmonious living environment, can make the public environment become colorful, show the rich artistic charm.

Metal material has its own characteristics. In sculpture creation, with the transformation of expression forms, even the same material will have multiple personalities. It will provide us with such or such possibilities and even make us feel free to do so. From the perspective of modeling, the forms presented by metal materials can be in various shapes and forms, but their characteristics are unchanged, but the thoughts, concepts and aesthetic tastes they carry vary according to the works or the authors. After modern art, artists have made deeper explorations and attempts on the readability of materials and the plasticity of materials themselves, trying to make the meaning expressed by them broader and deeper, and the forms more rich and novel.

Post time: Jun-13-2021