Garden statue & Aquarium Statue

Short Description:

Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China

Brand: Carpenter’s Heart

Model: Customized

Minimum order: 1 piece

Price: Negotiable

Packing Details: Wooden Case

Delivery time: According to the custom size to determine the duration of payment terms

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Garden sculptures usually appear in formal garden squares, flower beds and boulevards. They can also be dotted on hillsides, grasslands, swimming pools or water in natural gardens. Sculptures in the garden should highlight the theme while reflecting the environment, which is in line with the public's aesthetic point of view.
Garden sculpture mainly acts on people's mind through visual induction. Even sculptures belonging to buildings and the surrounding environment play a decorative role. When people appreciate sculpture, the first thing they see is to appreciate its form and style. Excellent sculpture works can give people humanistic connotation and artistic influence. Enhance their understanding of sculpture and make them understand that watching sculpture is like reading poetry, novels, movies and plays. It is not only used for entertainment and leisure, but also can improve their cultural literacy.
The design of garden sculpture should take into account both elegance and the public, and should be educated by people. It is suitable for adults and children and is integrated with the garden landscape. Each major sculpture has its own rich cultural traditions and resources. As a Chinese nation with profound cultural heritage, the development and utilization of its traditional cultural resources is an extremely important aspect of the development of modern Chinese garden sculpture art.

Place of Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China
Brand: Ingenious Yuanhang
Model: Character sculpture customization
Minimum order quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packing details: wooden box
Delivery time: Determine the construction period according to the customized size
payment terms:

Detailed product description:

Feature: sculpture
Size: 1500
Material: bronze
Thickness: 4.0
Style: Modern
Surface: car paint
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