Elephant landscape garden sculpture

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Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China

Brand: Carpenter’s Heart

Model: Customized

Minimum order: 1 piece

Price: Negotiable

Packing Details: Wooden

Case Delivery time: According to the custom size to determine the duration of payment terms

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Features: Garden Sculpture Elephant
Material: fiberglass
Size :3500
Thickness :4.0
Style: Modern Surface: Real
stone paint


The role of garden sketch in garden environment garden sketch is a
small art ornament in garden, but its influence is deep, the function is great, the feeling is stronger than other scenery. One by one exquisite design, beautiful shape

Garden sketch, like a pearl dotted in the earth, shining, plays an important role in improving the life interest and beautifying the environment of visitors, and becomes the finishing touch that visitors like to see. For example, Shanghai Dongfeng Park door hole, hidden behind the graceful flute-playing female sculpture, for visitors to provide a moving three-dimensional painting, strongly attracted the attention of people, naturally guide visitors to the garden. Although they are all garden sketches, they are important in the artistic conception of gardening. It can be said that the status of garden sketches, like a person's limbs and features, can make the trunk of the garden show undome vitality, personality and beauty.
Garden sculpture sketch sculpture refers to the image of objects with shaping and chiseling, and has a certain degree of space and observability. It is divided into two categories: round carving and relief. Garden sculpture sketch mainly refers to the outdoor sketch sculpture with ornamental. Sculpture is a kind of plastic art with strong appeal. Garden sketch sculpture comes from life, but often gives people a more perfect appreciation and playfulness than life itself. It beautifies people's hearts, edifies people's sentiment, and endows gardens with distinct and vivid themes, unique spiritual connotations and artistic charm.
Character sculpture is generally based on some commemorative and interesting characters as the subject matter. Character sculpture generally has historical significance or vivid image, which not only makes the environment have distinct theme but also adds vitality to the environment.
2.2.2Animal sculptors and animals always have many emotions, so

artists create many animal images. Such as the white swan symbolizing pure love, kind and lovely sika deer, smart and lively sea lion are people's favorite theme. It can be seen that animal sculpture makes the environment more peaceful, natural and vivid, and enriches the artistic interest of the garden.
2.2.3Abstract sculpture abstract sculpture meaning profound, puzzling, visitors are happy to enjoy while playing, and the title can follow the topic to think not without interest. As for the non-title sculpture, it is the abstract truth to be able to do nothing.

2.2.4Because of the particularity of its material, ice sculpture snow plastic is limited by regionality and environment. In the Northeast, Xinjiang has become a major feature of winter gardens. One by one
crystal clear ice and snow sculpture such as jade, wonderful work.

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